The Top Dog Deals Expands Labrador Retriever Collections

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For The Top Dog Deals, the aim is to make sure all dogs are properly cared and looked after for. Meanwhile, they also want to enable dog lovers to demonstrate their love for their four legged companions. To do this, they have dedicated different "zones" of their website to specific breeds. They are proud to announce that they have now completed their Labrador Retriever zone in their website and also on their social media channels.

A representative from the company says: "Labrador Retrievers truly are one of the most unique dog breeds around. They are also one of the most popular breeds in the world. People love them for their loyalty and gentle personality. We have to say that the Labrador Retriever zone on our site is one of our favorites, which is perhaps why it also includes the most extensive collection."

The Labrador Retriever collection is indeed expanding very rapidly on the Top Dog Deals' website and also on its Pinterest page. At present, the collection includes a no pull harness, various pillow cases, a range of car stickers, wall art and paintings, and jewelry. Anyone who has an affinity with these dogs should consider taking a look at the collection as they are very likely to find something to their liking there.

"We are also a very social company," adds the representative. "We love hearing from our fellow dog lovers about what they feel should be added to our collection. And since we know how many people love Labradors in particular, we know that they are just itching to tell us about other fantastic Lab-finds they have made. Please do contact us through any of our social media channels."

The company also has a very active Twitter account which they use for extensive communication with their customer database. In fact, it is through there that they have been able to add new categories to their website, finding new dog breeds and new items regularly. The representative says: "If you see something you like, something that you feel we are missing, or a breed that should be added to our website, let us know and we'll get to work on it straight away."


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