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The Top Dog Deals is a company that aims to deliver products for dogs and dog lovers. They have built a strong community of people who share their love for these four-legged creatures and make recommendations on products to add. One such recommendation was to add a Shih Tzu collection to the website, which the company was all too happy to oblige.

A representative from the company says: "The Shih Tzu is such an adorable little dog. We love the breed ourselves and we were so happy when someone suggested that we started looking for products for this breed. The collection is now live and we're looking for more products to add to it."

All products that the company offers can also been seen on Pinterest. For the Shih Tzu breed, this currently includes three different necklaces, various car stickers, and the popular no pull harness suitable for smaller dog breeds. It is expected that they will soon be able to add items such as artwork, car seats, pillows, and other forms of jewelry, which are already available for many of the other breeds that the company covers.

"There are so many fantastic dog breeds out there that we simply couldn't come up with all of them ourselves," adds the representative. "This is why we rely on our community to tell us through social media what they would like us to focus on. So far, we have been able to add a significant number of different breeds to our collection and we're always on the lookout for more items to add to each of those categories. So keep the suggestions coming and watch this space."

Because The Top Dog Deals has aimed to build a community of dog lovers, they are very active on social media. They also ask those who have purchased any of their products to share photographs of them through their various pages, including Instagram and Twitter. The representative says: "We would love to see your little Shih Tzu in its little harness, enjoying the great wild world. Or to see you wearing one of our necklaces."


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