The Top Dog Deals Adds English Bulldog Wall Art Sticker To Inventory

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The Top Dog Deals is a company that aims to enable dog lovers to show their love and appreciation for different dog breeds. Over the past few months, they have worked hard at building their website to ensure that it includes most of the popular dog breeds. They have started to find new products to add to each of those categories. They have now announced that they have just added an English bulldog wall art sticker to their inventory.

A representative from the Top Dog Deals says: "We are having such a good time finding items relating to the different dog breeds and this new wall art sticker has got to be our favorite yet. We're so happy to see that many people have already purchased it, because we know it will give them as much joy as it gave us. Furthermore, remember that it also makes for a great present, should you know someone who loves the English bulldog."

The Top Dog Deals is also a very social company. Hence, they have included the sticker in action on their Pinterest site. The representative states: "Pinterest is such a fantastic platform because it enables you to add photographs and share them with the world, inspiring others at the same time. We're very happy to see that a lot of people have pinned our wall sticker. We can't wait to see what it looks like in their house as well."

The wall sticker is made from plastic. It comes in a single piece package and measures 20 inches by 34 inches. It features an English bulldog facing its audience while lying down, in black and white. Because of this, it will fit with any decor. And since it is plastic, it can also be used outside, and it has a lifespan of around six years in an outdoor environment.

If anyone does want to comment on the new wall sticker, or show an image of how it looks in their home and garden, they can also do that via The Top Dog Deals' Twitter page, which people are encouraged to follow.


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